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Worth hiring a personal injury lawyer

How Do I Know If It’s Worth Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer?

In most cases when you have been injured due to the negligence of another party, you have the right to a personal injury claim to recover compensation. However, while you may have the right to sue, that does not necessarily translate to needing a personal injury lawyer. With that said, it’s always our advice that you should consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer to find out if it is necessary.

Every case is different, and determining whether you need a lawyer will depend mostly on the extent of your injuries. For instance, if you were in a motor vehicle accident, and it was a light fender-bender, and there were no injuries sustained, you probably don’t need a personal injury lawyer unless you get symptoms over time. Law suits can be very taxing and take a lot of time, so often times accidents involving very minor injuries or property damage will be handled without launching a formal claim. Of course, it is always prudent to consult with a personal injury lawyer before self-representing or disregarding your claim altogether.

If your injuries are serious in nature, you may very well have a legitimate personal injury claim and should seek legal advice. If you are unclear whether you need a lawyer, contact our law office and we can help you with that decision. There are a couple factors that can help you understand if you have a lawsuit.

Is Someone At Fault For Your Injuries?

In most personal injury cases, not all, you will need to show that the other party is at fault. This is not the situation in every type of case, such as a dog bite which is a strict liability case, but in most cases you will need to show negligence. Negligence is a fancy word for someone being at fault for your injuries by failing to meet a certain standard of care. For instance, if a driver of a motor vehicle runs a stop sign and hits you, they are negligent by not obeying the stop sign, and should be held accountable for your injuries. If your injuries are minor in nature, you may not be able to sue because of certain legislation that bars certain claims, but that should be discussed with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

In most cases, damages that you are awarded will be paid by the insurance company involved. In some cases, multiple insurance companies will do a settlement split amongst themselves. Unfortunately, in some cases, it is impossible to find an insurance company to cover the damages, such as is often the case with an assault. While our goal as personal injury lawyers is always to find a proper insurance company to step up to the plate, sometimes it does not work out that way. The problem with suing an individual where there is no insurance coverage, is unless that person has assets, they may be what we call “judgment proof”, meaning even though you might win your case against them, there is no money available to pay you out at the end.

Take The First Step And Consult An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Regardless of the details of your case, it is always prudent to engage a personal injury lawyer with a free consultation to become fully informed of your rights and the likelihood of success with your claim. Our law office offers free consultations, so contact a lawyer from the Bernstein Law Group to seek legal advice.

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