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When to get a lawyer for a car accident

When To Get A Lawyer For A Car Accident

Car accidents cause serious injuries or death to an alarming number of Canadians every year. With approximately 160,000 car accidents per year in Canada, and about 2,800 of those resulting in death, personal injury law has become a very important area of law. In today’s society, it is not uncommon to at some point in one’s life, need a personal injury lawyer or know someone who does.

In some minor and insignificant accidents, without personal injury, chances are you may not require a lawyer. However, it is always prudent to contact a lawyer at this time and seek legal advice. On the other hand, if serious injuries have occurred, or minor injuries that later become serious because they don’t go away, then you will likely want to retain a personal injury lawyer. The same is true with car accidents that result in death; these are generally handled by an experienced lawyer.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

There are a number of situations that lawyers can be an essential part of during the personal injury claims process. The claims process is very complex and difficult to navigate. Opposing counsel for the defendant will likely make things as difficult as they can.

Lawyers Help Prove Who Was At Fault

Personal injury lawyers will advocate that you were not liable for the accident or at fault. In some circumstances the police report may not be helpful for your case. Sometimes police reports are done with haste, and often your witness statement may not be a true recollection of the events. It is your lawyer’s job to argue your case and determine what level, if any, of fault can be attributed to your driving. In a considerable number of car accident cases fault is very clear, such as a rear-end case. In those cases, there is a presumption that the driver that rear-ends the car in front, is at fault. Liability may be the most important issue that arises in your case, and the police report will be one component which will work for or against your case.

Personal injury lawyers should retain expert investigators to fight for your case. Often times there are holes in the case that need to be filled. It is not uncommon for an experienced personal injury lawyer to retain a private investigator firm to gather a more fulsome investigation of the accident. Private investigators, that are often retired police officers, will further investigate accidents by following up with witnesses, finding new witnesses, taking field notes of the scene, and utilize every measure possible to get a better understanding of what unfolded at the time of the accident. An experienced personal injury lawyer will work with the private investigating firm to discover new evidence or fill gaps in your case.

Personal injury lawyers will also sometimes retain experts such as an accident reconstruction engineer. These reports can be extremely helpful when dealing with liability, and analyzing the opportunity the defendant had to avoid an accident. These are often used in the most serious of accidents where liability may be a contested issue.

Lawyers Help With Arguing The Extent Of Your Injuries

An experienced lawyer will also do whatever ethical and possible to argue the extent of your injuries, which is also known as the scope of your “damages”. It is critical that your injuries are well documented, and that you receive the best treatment possible. A personal injury lawyer will endeavor to send you to the best treating physicians and experts in order to build a strong paper trail of your injuries. Often times, personal injury lawyers will also retain experts to give their professional opinion such as diagnosis, or prognosis, to better understand what your injuries are and what the future will hold.

Injured In A Car Accident? Call An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Our law office offers free consultations so that if someone has been injured in a car accident, they are able to find the right lawyer. We also work on a contingency basis, meaning our clients do not pay unless you receive a settlement. If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident, contact our law office to discuss the case.