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Drug law is a rapidly changing area of criminal law in Canada. It's not just the laws themselves that change, but the attitudes and approaches of drug enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges. Keeping up with the changes is always a challenge, as is taking advantage of the latest developments for the benefit of clients.

At Bernstein Law Group, we keep track of how the justice system treats different kinds of drug charges at any point in time.

Whether the drugs in question are marijuana, methamphetamines, crack/cocaine, heroin or prescription drugs, and whether you are charged with possession, trafficking, cultivation/manufacturing, we can help you navigate the process and find the best resolution for your charge.

Dealing With Drug Charges With Full Information

For many clients, especially clients facing long incarceration, it can be tempting to immediately plead and try to get the lightest sentence possible.

Before doing so, there two important factors to take into account:

  • Evidence: No matter what the evidence for your charge, if it was obtained improperly it cannot be used against you. Even a confession may be set aside if the police did not follow proper procedure when obtaining it. Evidence from witnesses, especially drug dealers or police informants, is not always reliable. Wiretaps and drug paraphernalia may also be dismissed if improperly obtained.
  • Consequences: The long-term consequences of pleading to a drug charge can be serious. You may be able to avoid incarceration, but end up with a criminal record. This could result in all kinds of negative consequences, including difficulty travelling — particularly to the States — or getting certain kinds of jobs. Even if you are able to clear your record in Canada, other countries are under no obligation to clear your name. You could also lose property, including homes or vehicles, if they are bought with the proceeds of drugs or used to grow or sell drugs.

If you do choose to plead, or are found guilty after a trial, our lawyers will work with you to find the best resolution possible.

Particularly for first-time offences, or for simple possession charges, you may be able to find alternatives to prison time, such as drug counselling programs.

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