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Brantford Ontario was named after Joseph Brant of the Mohawks, and has a notable aboriginal community. Our lawyers at the Bernstein Law Group are members on the Gladue Panel with Legal Aid and are very familiar with the resources available to people who identify as aboriginal. Moreover, we are well versed in the case law as it pertains to the Gladue factors and are able to bring forward a strong case highlighting the key relevant characteristics of our clients.

The Bernstein Law Group is very pleased to be able to service Brantford and the surrounding area and our lawyers are no stranger to the local Court house. Our lawyers are committed to defending clients in the Brantford area and have a solid repour with the prosecutors. Stephen and Robert Bernstein also sit on the Consent and Capacity Panel in Brantford and advocate for patients in the mental health hospital at the Brantford General Hospital. The Bernstein Law Group has a well established track record of success and are passionate about their practice. Brantford is a stone-throw away from Hamilton and we are happy to advocate for our clients situated in this area. Additionally, we understand that retaining a lawyer can also be difficult as a result of financial stressors, and as a service to our community we accept Legal Aid.

The Bernstein Law Group provides personalized service and representation for those who find themselves facing criminal charges in Brantford, Ontario. Our lawyers take a results-oriented approach while striving to protect the best interests and rights of our clients. At the Bernstein Law Group, we know that having a Criminal Record can have a lasting effect and serious ramifications to employment and travel. If you don’t have a criminal record, we will fight tooth and nail to keep it that way by dissecting the prosecution’s case and developing a strategic course of action geared towards resolution.

The lawyers at Bernstein Law Group have been successfully defending cases in the city of Brantford for over 35 years. We understand that often times facing criminal charges may be overwhelming and cause significant distress and worry. Our clients often find peace of mind after the very first conversation with our lawyers. We believe that the first step to any client’s case is having an in-depth conversation of what to expect and what each step in the proceedings generally looks like. Immediately, after hiring our services, we act quickly to prep your case towards the best result possible. If you or a loved one has been charged in the City of Brantford, don’t hesitate to reach out to our office for a free consultation of case.

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Our legal team provides services in all languages throughout Ontario.  Our Hamilton criminal defence lawyers specialize in drug offences,  sexual assault, theft/robbery, weapons offences, and youth offences.