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With more than 30 years of experience at Bernstein Law Group, we are here to defend your rights and freedoms with compassion and dedication. We are dedicated to helping our clients build a defense case by gathering evidence and facts ensuring the best possible outcome. We will help you understand your charges, explain the court process, review the possible outcomes and make sure your rights are not violated.

We understand that for our clients and their loved ones this is a frightening and confusing process and everything is at stake for them. Timing is often of importance and emergency bailing hearings require urgent attention. Our team has special interest and experience fighting for those that may have a more difficult time expressing themselves, such as youth offenders and those struggling with a mental health issue.

Our office offers FREE consultations and we accept Legal Aid.

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“Your Town, Your Lawyers”

With more than 30 years experience at Bernstein Law Group, we are here to defend your rights and freedoms with compassion and dedication at all times. We handle all aspects of criminal law from Highway Traffic Act charges to impaired/DUI to domestic violence, assault and drug charges.

We also have extensive experience working with mental health and capacity law as well as Aboriginal issues. If you are facing criminal charges or facing involuntary confinement for mental health reasons, contact our office for a FREE consultation.

Bernstein Law Group Criminal Defence Lawyers

Practice Areas

Domestic Violence and Assault Lawyer

Domestic Violence/Assault Lawyers On Your Side

Our clients come to us with a wide variety of personal situations. These range from arguments that have spiraled out of control to long standing family disputes.

We work to find the best solutions for you and your family.

Drug Offences Lawyers Have a Reputation for Reliable Defence

Drug law is a rapidly changing area of criminal law in Canada. It's not just the laws themselves that change, but the attitudes and approaches of drug enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges. Keeping up with the changes is always a challenge, as is taking advantage of the latest developments for the benefit of clients.

At Bernstein Law Group, we keep track of how the justice system treats different kinds of drug charges at any point in time.

Drug Offence Lawyers
Sexual Assault Lawyer

Sexual Assault Lawyers Explore All Options of Your Defence

These charges, which include internet sex crimes, are particularly sensitive and difficult for many of our clients.

The long term consequences of conviction may be more serious than expected.

Theft and Robbery Lawyers Put Our Record Of Success Behind You

Theft, robbery and other property related crimes may involve challenging evidence issues. We will strategize on the most effective defense.

This may involve getting serious weapons related charges dropped in favour of a lesser charge.

Theft and Robbery Lawyer
Weapons Offences Lawyer

Weapons Offences Lawyers Can Help Your Unique Case

Whether these charges involve weapons used in other crimes such as theft or assault, or standalone charges involving owning unlicensed firearms, we will discuss your options and protect your rights.

Youth Offences Lawyers We Fight For You

Youth and adults are treated very differently in the court system. If you or a family member has been charged under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, we can help you.

We will navigate you through the youth system and ensure that all opportunities available under the Youth Criminal Justice Act are presented and used to benefit you.

Youth Offender Lawyer
Impaired Driving and Traffic Offences Lawyer

Impaired Driving & Traffic Offences Lawyers Impeccable Track Records

Being charged with impaired driving can result in devastating consequences.  Let us help you put together the best possible defense to protect your future.  

Our lawyers are experienced, defending many impaired driving offences yearly.  Don't leave your future to chance.

Highway Traffic Act Lawyers With Years of Experience Fighting For You

These involve both impaired driving and offences under the Highway Traffic Act (HTA).

The HTA includes speeding, reckless driving, driving without a license, and traffic violations such as running a red light.

Highway Traffic Act Lawyer
Bail Hearing Lawyers

Our Bail Hearing Lawyers Help You Get Bail

It can take months or even years for your charge to get to trial. Whenever possible, we ensure that the time before trial is spent outside of jail, with as few restrictions as possible.

Fraud Lawyers Experienced Defending Over/Under $5000 Charges

Fraud charges are divided into two categories: fraud under $5000 or Fraud Over $5000, depending on the value of the amount alleged to have been defrauded.  Often times, paying back the defrauded amount of money will be a significant factor in how the proceedings unveil. However, the Crown is not obliged to drop the charges if the money is returned.

In certain situations, if the crown has a weak case, your lawyer may be able to use an offer to pay back the money as a bargaining to that may result in charges against you being dropped.

Fraud Lawyers
Murder and Manslaughter Lawyers

Murder & Manslaughter Lawyers Defend The Most Serious Cases

Homicide offences, including first-degree murder, second-degree murder and manslaughter can attract lengthy jail sentences.

Homicide means the taking, directly or indirectly, of someone’s life and includes the aforementioned as well as infanticide.

Assault Lawyers Building Strong Cases, Avoid Jail Time

An assault is the intentional application of force against another person without their consent.

There are varying degrees of assault as shown above. For the police to have grounds on charges of simple assault, physical contact with the complainant is not required. Therefore, the mere threat of applying force to another person without their consent may constitute an assault charge. 

Assault Lawyer
Uttering Threats Lawyer

Uttering Threats & Criminal Harassment Criminal Defence Lawyers

Uttering threats charges can take on many different forms, and are often either Uttering Death and Uttering Bodily Harm. Often times these charges result from domestic disputes or a dispute between two parties, through texting, emailing, social media, or phone call.

Often times if the facts of the case are fairly minor, we may be able to avoid a criminal charge.

Service Areas


Stephen Bernstein has served the Hamilton area for over 35 years and is considered among the most skilled and respected lawyers in the City.


The City of Burlington and surrounding area is a close neighbor to our native City of Hamilton and we take pleasure expanding our borders to help those in need.


The Bernstein Law Group is located about ten minutes from Ancaster and if you have been criminally charged in Ancaster you will have court in Hamilton.


Bernstein Law Group is no stranger to the Halton District Court houses and has represented thousands of clients from the GTA over the last 35 years.


The Bernstein Law Group is very pleased to be able to service Brantford and the surrounding area and our lawyers are no stranger to the local Court house.


As your criminal defence lawyers, we have the knowledge, experience and dedication to protect your rights and avoid a criminal conviction whenever possible.

Stoney Creek

The Bernstein Law Group over the years have serviced many clients from the Stoney Creek area and have a successful track record.


Stephen Bernstein, the lead lawyer at the Bernstein Law Group has been practicing for over 35 years, running countless trials with successful results.


Our dedicated lawyers represent you at every stage of the proceedings and will aggressively fight for your rights so that you receive the best outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Defence of impaired driving and/or driving over the legal limit of blood alcohol level is a very serious criminal offence with sometimes very serious consequences.

Namely, increased insurance premiums, a hefty penalty by the court and a criminal record. It is imperative that you seek competent counsel to minimize the troubles that typically may follow these charges.  Read More...

Stephen Bernstein

In Canada, you have the right to remain silent. This right is protected by our constitution, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If the police want to meet with you and it seems like they are investigating you for a criminal offence, they may plan on arresting you and taking a statement from you.

If the police want to meet with you, you should strongly consider calling a lawyer as soon as possible. If you do meet with the police and they place you under arrest or you are being detained, tell them you want to speak to a lawyer immediately.  We can help defend you even if you have already spoken to police.  Read More...

Defendants charged with a crime are almost always best served by obtaining a lawyer. Often times, if finances are low, and the Crown has screened a file for jail time, a defendant make have a lawyer provided and retained by Legal Aid.

Our office understands the importance to represent clients without many means, and we welcome clients of private retainers and those accepted to Legal Aid. The short answer to the question above—you may very well need a lawyer.  Read More...

In Canada, charges of theft are broken into different categories. As you can imagine, the penalties vary depending on the facts of the case, the strength of the Crown’s case, and the strategies used by one’s lawyer. In Canada a shoplifting conviction, “theft under”, could carry a length jail term, however, it is unusual for a first or second time offender to be sentenced to jail if they have no criminal record.

If you have no criminal record, avoiding one will be your lawyer’s primary concern as a means to avoid these charges having a profound impact on your life. If you have been arrested and charged with theft, then you need a good lawyer to defend you whether you have committed the crime or not.  Read More...

You suddenly find yourself criminally charged, perhaps in the custody of the police station—it is critical you know your rights and contact a lawyer. When you are arrested, you have certain rights.

You have the right to remain silent (but you must provide your name, address and date of birth to police); the right to a lawyer; the right to free legal advice; among other rights. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is in place to protect you from such things as unlawful arrests and detentions and our duties as lawyers if the bring those arguments to life throughout the court process.

It’s important that you exercise certain rights in certain situations and contact a lawyer forthwith.  Read More...




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