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I Have Been Injured From Someone Else’s Carelessness

Negligence relates to the responsible party failing to exercise a sufficient amount of care in the circumstances of the incident. If an injured party has suffered due to some type of negligent behavior, they have the right to be compensated and made whole again.

What Do I Have To Prove In A Negligence Case

There are many important elements to a negligence lawsuit. It is critical that the responsible party, or the injurer, owed a duty to the injured victim. The next step is to prove that the responsible party violated that duty and exercised an unreasonable standard of care. This negligence then must have resulted in harm to the injured victim. Sometimes, a defendant will argue that the injury is too far- fetched and would never have been foreseeable.

A good lawyer will get around this hurdle and prove the opposite. For instance, sometimes bystanders to a severe accidents suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. It will be up to the lawyer of the bystander to prove that their psychological injury and impairment was foreseeable.

As another example, a car manufacturer has a duty to produce a vehicle that is free from unreasonably dangerous defects. By producing a car with defective brakes, the manufacturer has violated their duty to the consumer. Additionally, it is foreseeable that a car with defective brakes may cause an accident and someone to be hurt.

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The law of negligence requires people to conduct themselves in manner that conforms to certain standards of conduct. If you feel like a party has breached this standard and has caused you injury as a result, contact our office now and we can walk you through your case during a free consultation.

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